John Maldjian is an alumnus of New Hampshire School of Law’s Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, a world-renowned law school for intellectual property. Mr. Maldjian has concentrated his entire legal career in the field of intellectual property law.

Intellectual property encompasses all aspects of protectable, intangible assets, resulting from original and creative works, ideas, innovation and commercialization of products and services. However, maximizing the value of intellectual property assets for your specific business needs takes careful planning, long-term professional relationships, and reliance upon experts in a given technology or industry.

At Maldjian Law Group LLC, our team of attorneys and para-professionals will guide you through the most complex web of intellectual property concepts, and will work with you in devising a customized intellectual property strategy to best suit your business needs and goals.

Mr. Maldjian is an idealist, committed to fostering environmentally responsible behavior by also representing clients in the sustainability technology areas. To that end, Maldjian Law Group LLC is actively seeking companies and start ups with the same philosophy.

Our attorneys and professional staff have extensive experience in assisting clients with creating a substantial business advantage in their respective industries. Whether providing clients a peace of mind, through a clearance opinion, to launching a new product without third party interference, or obtaining a patent to prevent a client’s competition from riding on the advantageous results of extensive research and development, the added value of Maldjian Law Group LLC can greatly enhance your business IP assets.

Meet the team

john maldjian
John Maldjian, Esq.
William J. Connelly III, Esq.
Steven Plotkin, Esq.


Our Philosophy

Maldjian Law Group LLC is devoted to assisting you with harvesting, protecting, and preserving the value of your company’s intellectual property assets as part of an overall business strategy. We appreciate how intellectual property assets play a significant role in the success and value of your business. Therefore, we partner with you to plan and execute upon intellectual property portfolio strategies to meet both your short and long term business goal.