Maldjian Law Group LLC now offers due diligence for clients. We can conduct full reviews on patents and trademarks on IP assets clients are looking to purchase, sell or use as collateral for business loans. Below are a sampling of the due diligence we perform for both U.S. and foreign IP assets:

  1. For each company, we order and review UCC lien searches and review results for bankruptcy, lien, collateral issues not listed on the USPTO’s website.
  2. Use Espacenet to determine patent family and prepare Schedule of assets based on Espacenet results, along with using PAIR results.
  3. Check PTAB for post grant reviews, including Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post Grant Review (PGR), Covered Business Method Patents (CBM) and Derivation AIA Review (DER).
  4. Conduct PAIR and LexisNexis Searches for U.S. patents and litigations involving same.
  5. Conduct PAIR search for terminal disclaimers and statutory disclaimers. If disclaimed, ensure those assets are included as part of the purchase or sale.
  6. If an asset is a pending application, review the USPTO file history to confirm all formalities are met (e.g., ensuring all Declarations filed, no outstanding Missing Parts, no inventorship issues, no dismissed Petitions).
  7. Review Continuity Data tab in PAIR to ensure all continuity assets are listed and part of the family and for a re-exam or re-issue. If patent was subjected to re-exam or re-issue, check for status. If concluded, check for certificate to see if any claims cancelled.
  8. Confirm all U.S. maintenance fees are current.
  9. Confirm foreign annual fees are current.
  10. Review Assignments to ensure all inventors assigned, ensure there no breaks in the chain-of-title or open security interests.
  11. Obtain U.S. patent or U.S. published application and review cross-ref. section along with further details to ensure no government rights.
  12. Use WIPO and foreign patent offices to obtain status of assets and confirm Applicant’s name.

Due Diligence

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